App Discovery: Translator App for Windows Phone 7

With the plethora of language translator apps running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, it’s hard to imagine that one can standout so much from the rest. Luckily, for you and me, I stumbled across an app simply called “Translator” on the Windows Phone marketplace. This app was created by Microsoft and is powered by Bing. What makes “Translator” stand out is the number of features it incorporates while remaining relatively simple and easy to use. In a nutshell, Translator is designed to translate text or voice from one language to another.



  •  Allows for offline translation- You can download languages and phrase books within the app to translate text and images without a network connection
  • Several modes for information entry- Translates typed text, Camera can scan and translate images and words, and allows for voice input
  • Contains a vast library of languages
  • History – Stores translated text, images, and voice for quick recall
  • Word of the day live tile – get word of the day in any chosen language (word is translated to English on the tile)
  • Direct voice translation live tile – deep linked to the app so you can voice translate immediately

 Thanks to the Metro UI design guidelines used throughout Windows Phone, Translator has a clean & aesthetically pleasing layout. It is also very user friendly and requires almost no instruction to begin using like a pro even though it sports many features.

Future updates are likely to increase the number of offline languages & phrase books that can be downloaded as well as increasing the number of languages that can be recognized by camera and voice.

By: Chisom Agada

Translator is free and can be DOWNLOADED HERE 

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