How Does One Simply Market Windows Phone???

Disclaimer: I realize the massive feat I am undertaking in saying what Microsoft should and shouldn’t do to increase Windows Phone market share. There have been a number of articles written on this subject BUT it feels like something is missing from them…here goes!

The easy thing to say would be, make devices with MODERN SPECS! NEW HARDWARE! EXPANDABLE MEMORY! 41 MEGAPIXELS OF DELIGHT!!! But is a simple boast of specs really the best way to market a new and evolving operating system? Granted it doesn’t hurt to have state of the art specs but what will really gain traction with the consumers is the allure and appeal of the user experience.


Ask 50 people with an iPhone 4S why they have it and less than 1/3 of them will mention the dual core processor, 512 mb of RAM, or the Retina Display (by name at least). Instead, most of the owners will say the display is extremely vibrant and sharp; it’s very easy to use and the store has an outrageous amount of apps. What Apple succeeded in doing was marketing what made them different…it was not about the specs but the user and what matters most to them.

Failed Campaigns

The term failed is used very loosely here. It is not that these campaigns failed in drawing attention to WP7 but they did not provide enough of a spark to sway the everyday user.

The first windows campaign was the “Phone to save us from our phones” commercials. While these commercials were quick, funny and aroused some kind of interest from the viewer, they failed to display what the phone could actually do! There was no mention as to how Windows Phone would be the phone to save us from our phones; and after careful deliberation, do we in the Technology Age that we find ourselves in really want a phone that we would use less? Our phones are smarter than ever now and connect us to the world around us in ways that many thought not possible years ago. Even though we are not experiencing the world around us solely with our eyes, because of smartphones we ingest more information at a quicker pace while staying connected with many things we care about.

The next Windows Phone campaign that I picked up on was the Smoked by Windows Phone contest. For those of you unfamiliar with this contest, Microsoft basically threw down the gauntlet to any other OS saying that Windows Phone could beat them in any of the predefined tasks. These tasks ranged from translating text to another language to taking a picture, tagging yourself in it and uploading it to Facebook. To date, Windows has displayed a 98% win rate. This obviously shows that despite having what many would call inferior specs, WP7 is no slouch when it came to actual speed and performance.

The only problem with this contest is it’s only performed in Microsoft stores. In order for consumers to see the user experience in action, these contests should be displayed for all to see, not just virally but through TV commercials. They could resemble the old MAC vs. PC ads, which Apple used to entertain the audience but also stress the points where they felt superior to PC’s

Proper Way to Market Windows Phone

First of all, Microsoft needs to focus on how connected the Windows Phone OS is to the world around it. So many portions of the operating system are screaming for attention from marketing but are not getting it…so I’ve decided to highlight two areas which I find very useful:

People Hub:


  • Easy transition between texting and Facebook chat! I can text the same person and Facebook chat with them in the same thread. You never lose track of the conversation regardless of your location
  • It is extremely easy to update to various social networks at the same time. Just type in your update/ status and select the accounts you want to post to and it’s done
  • All social networks are aggregated into the same news feed within the contacts app. You don’t have to open Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously…it’s all there already. What’s even better is, selecting a contact’s name from your feed allows you to write on their wall, view and comment on posts on their wall and view their uploaded photo albums (all without opening up an app)
  • For people who love discovering things to do in their area, the local scout app is perfect. This app uses your location to highlights places to eat and drink with cost and star ratings, events and attractions, places to shop and highlights certain places in the area. Each of these recommendations provides the user with the location’s address, phone number, access to reviews that have been written, and links to apps you own or are available in the marketplace that can provide more details for you.

Music + Videos Hub

Secondly, Microsoft needs to highlight the media capabilities of Windows Phone and how they mix with daily life.  The fact that media is stored in one location is a very big deal! One app plays all the music, videos, podcasts and recording stored in the phone. It is all organized and easy to manage. Any app that plays music or video (CNN, YouTube, etc) can be opened directly from the music & videos hub, while recently watched videos can also be accessed from this hub without opening the dedicated app and searching for the video.

 It is easy to take these integrations for granted but when attempting to pry potential customers away from the grips of Android and iPhone, these are major selling points that should be displayed because they are key differentiators that make Windows Phone very different, special and potentially more user friendly than the others. The more personal and relatable the marketing campaigns becomes to the consumer, the more likely they will be to try out Windows Phone.

By: Chisom Agada

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