Google Showcases New Mapping Features & Capabilities

As promised last week, Google held a press event this morning in San Francisco to discuss and showcase improvements and additions to their current maps offering. They announced improved 3D maps in Google Earth, offline caching on mobile devices for Google Maps, and a new way of gathering data for Street View via backpacks. No exact date was provided by Google for when these features would become available.

Improved 3D Maps

In order to better render the world in 3D, Google will now use new image rendering techniques to put together the image data it presently collects from planes. The images will showcase a level of detail and depth which many have described as simply stunning.  These new images will be used in place of the the current images shown on Google Earth’s 3D view. The new Google Earth will land on Android and iOS devices (moment of silence for Windows Phone absence in this announcement)…in the coming weeks

Offline Mapping

This feature will be coming to Android devices first with Google eventually making it available to iOS and other platforms. Users will now be able to download full maps onto their devices for use when offline (without cellular or WiFi connection). No detail was given on whether this would include some form of offline navigation.

Street View

With Google seeking to expand the area covered by its Street View, they unveiled a new capture tool called the Street View Trekker. The beauty of this tool is that it can be worn on a person’s back, granting Google access to areas that were once thought to difficult to reach.  The Trekker is equipped with 15 five megapixel cameras which are used to take pictures and record data.

Looking To The Horizon

With Apple reportedly revealing their own mapping experience on June 11th, today’s announcement by Google looks to be some kind of preemptive strike or a way to steal some thunder from Apple. With the ball now in Apple’s court, I am curious to see Apple impresses us with it’s new mapping software.

By: Chisom Agada

Source: Tech Crunch & Engadget

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