Current Windows Phone Devices Will Not Upgrade to Windows Phone 8

One of the biggest questions we had prior to Windows Phone Summit revolved around the upgrade path of 1st and 2nd generation Windows Phone devices to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has put all speculation to rest today by announcing that current Windows Phones will not receive the update to Windows Phone 8. The reason for this break in upgrade path is due to the many improvements that Windows Phone 8 is bringing in respect to hardware and platform build. Windows Phone 8 will be bringing support for new multi-core processors, display resolutions (even 720p), NFC, faster GPU’s, as well as a unified core across all Windows 8 devices. Yes, that means a similar experience across all Windows 8 devices (tablets, pc’s and smartphones). This opens the door to new levels of app and game compatibility and interaction

But rest assured, Microsoft is not leaving the current owners of Windows Phone devices out of the party entirely. They will be delivering an update to all legacy devices, independent of carriers (thank you Microsoft), that can be downloaded over WiFi. This update, which Microsoft is calling Windows Phone 7.8, will bring the features of Windows 8 that are not dependent on hardware or platform architecture meaning the new start screen and core user experience features. So at least on the surface, legacy Windows phones will look like their Windows Phone 8 counterparts…

One big question that has yet to be answered is whether Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8  apps will be compatible with Windows Phone 7.8. This is a huge question and will surely determine how many people settle with WP 7.8 or buy a new WP8 device

UPDATE: Courtesy of ZDnet, they have just confirmed that “Applications that are complied specifically for Windows Phone 8 will not run on Windows Phone 7.x devices”

Will those of you that have had Windows Phones or just bought a new Windows Phones be satisfied with Windows 7.8 or will you purchase a Windows Phone 8 device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

By: Chisom Agada

Source: TechCrunch

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