Windows Phone 8 Shows Off New Start Screen

The first iteration of Windows Phone introduced us to the concept of live tiles. These app specific tiles would update throughout the day displaying information from the app that we cared about or requested for. The neat thing about these lives tiles was they allowed the user to arrange them in whatever order they wanted on the start screen…creating a start screen unique to the individual showing the app and information you cared about the most

Enter Windows Phone 8

Building on the idea of arranging live tiles, Windows 8 now allows the user to edit the appearance of any live tile. Editing takes the form of re-sizing the tiles between small, medium and large (span the width of the screen) sizes inside of the edit mode. This allows you to take better advantage of the screen space afforded to you and display as much information and app shortcuts as possible or minimize and space out your start screen. Either way, the choice is yours as it should be.

Developers will be able to create large custom tiles for their apps as well, this was reserved for OEM’s (original equipment manufactures) and Microsoft’s Hubs in the previous versions of Windows Phone. While Microsoft didn’t discuss any more UI changes, screenshots suggest that you may also be able to have lives tiles in multiple colors now.

What do you think about the new Start Screen changes?

By: Chisom Agada

Source: The Verge

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Categories: Editorial, Windows Phone 8


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