Nexus Q: Hardware, Software & Cloud Connected

As the title says, Nexus Q is what you get when you combine of hardware, software and access to Google Play. The Nexus Q is essentially a small android powered computer, powered by an OMAP 4460 processor (same processor inside the Galaxy nexus) and has what Google calls an “audophile grade amplifier” capable of emitting up to 25 watts of power.  It has 16GB of storage space and 1 GB of RAM. The Nexus Q has optical audio digital output, dual wifi bands, NFC, Bluetooth, micro hdmi port, ethernet port and a micro usb port.

The beauty of the Nexus Q is that it is extremely functional and easy to use. It is designed to live in your home and connects to your TV and speakers. The main selling points of it are it allows for multiroom playback and is a social streaming device.

Multi-room playback

The Nexus Q once connected to a TV and/or speakers acts as a streaming device for your Google Play content to the device it is connected to. Your android smartphone/ tablet turns into a remote control which you use to select the content you want to view via the Google Play store. Once a song or video is chosen, you select which room the content should be played in and like magic the Nexus Q streams the selected content from the cloud to the connected device. If you are streaming music, a visualizer will pop up on the TV (if it’s connected) and the Nexus Q’s LED strip will change colors to reflect the changes in the music.

Social Streaming Device

Imagine this scenario…you have friends over for a get together and you’re playing music in the background through speakers that are connected to your phone or computer. Now what happens when someone wants to play music that they have on their phone or tablet that you don’t have??? In the old days (any day before today), your friend would most likely either have to search for and download buy the song on your computer or unplug your device and plug in theirs. Well with Nexus Q, that scenario now has an easier solution. Anyone with content on the Google Play cloud can use their device to add music the playlist being streamed by the Nexus Q. Users can arrange the Q playlist however they want which allows for group collaboration on mixes and easy song sharing. This same scenario can be extended to YouTube videos as well. Users can find a video and have the Nexus Q stream it to the TV…say goodbye to the days of passing around a keyboard or huddling around a computer screen to share YouTube videos.

The Nexus Q is an innovative way to deliver cloud based content to peripherals in multiple locations around the home and share content between people. The price tag of $299 may be pretty steep, but if you oftentimes find yourself in scenarios like the one above often or just like to stream content in a fun, new way then this may be a great gadget for you. I’m curious to see what developers can do with the Nexus Q once they get their hands on it! The Nexus Q will be shipping in Mid July, just like the Nexus 7.

Let us know your thoughts on the Nexus Q. Would you want one?

By: Chisom Agada

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