Discover Windows 8: Touch Keyboard

To help us understand the vision behind core Windows 8 apps, Microsoft has put together a development blog series that provides us with an in depth and unique explanation to the thought process and creation of these essential apps. Microsoft has worked hard to seamlessly integrate them into Windows 8, creating an extremely efficient and intuitive user experience.

The method and ease with which text is input in a tablet or any other touch screen device is as important as the operating system itself. This may sound like a lofty statement,  but considering that most of the interaction between you and your device starts with an on screen keyboard, the importance and need to design this portion perfectly cannot be overstated.

In order to create the desired touch experience, the Windows 8 team wanted people to be able to:

  • Enter text quickly and reasonably close to the speed with which they type on a physical keyboard
  • Avoid errors, and be able to easily correct mistakes
  • Enter text comfortably, in terms of posture, interaction with the device, and social setting

These bullet points became the guiding principles and goals for what ultimately became the touch keyboard used in Windows 8. The team makes it a point to state that “none of those goals explicitly assumes a keyboard.” This shows a willingness to think outside the box and challenge the status quo of whether a keyboard is really the best way to input text.

Click on the source link below for a detailed look into the development, testing and refinement process used to create the Windows 8 Touch Keyboard.

By: Chisom Agada

Source: Microsoft Development Blog

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