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Windows Phone 8 Shows Off New Start Screen

The first iteration of Windows Phone introduced us to the concept of live tiles. These app specific tiles would update throughout the day displaying information from the app that we cared about or requested for. The neat thing about these lives tiles was they allowed the user to arrange them in whatever order they wanted […]

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Windows Phone 8: Microsoft Shows Off Some New (Much Needed) Features

At today’s Windows Phone summit, Microsoft revealed a slew of new features and hardware that will be supported by Windows Phone 8.  What’s that you ask…Can I list out some of these new features? Sure, no problem! Multi-core CPU’s To those of you who use Windows Phone devices, it’s often times hard to believe that our […]

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Current Windows Phone Devices Will Not Upgrade to Windows Phone 8

One of the biggest questions we had prior to Windows Phone Summit revolved around the upgrade path of 1st and 2nd generation Windows Phone devices to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has put all speculation to rest today by announcing that current Windows Phones will not receive the update to Windows Phone 8. The reason for this break […]

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